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As Dreamy Kids, we work not only to make and produce creative designs, but also to make children happier and think differently. In order to achieve this, we produce social responsibility projects.

As part of our first project, "A Happiness Project", we bring our wallpapers together with children who cannot reach us socially and economically. 3% of our revenue from each sale of our existing products  we cover the walls of our village schools in needy regions with our designs by transferring them to the project fund.

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if you can

  you do!


Within the scope of our project, we receive the demands of our village schools through the Needs Map. Village schools that want to apply  www.i  They can add a "need" by creating a corporate record over the website.

Apart from these works, those who want to donate wallpapers to our village schools with individual support are again at www.i  You can add "support" via


Please contact us for more detailed information about the project and for your cooperation suggestions. ( )

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